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Italjet S.p.A

So much road travelled since 1959. A gradual but decisive change, from a small company to an industry, a path covered on two wheels, riding motorcycle and mopeds, able to evolve and reach the appointment with the third millennium in good shape and in great style.

A special type history.

Italjet has projected and realised, from the year 1959 up to today, over 170 innovative models. Scooters and motorcycles developed with an entrepreneurial enthusiasm, wich has remained unchanged from its foundation to the third generation currently involved in consolidating the national and international image of the company. The same ownership united and driven for over fifty years by the Tartarini family, coherent in creating continuity and development of its own innovative philosophy, wich today, marks in a clear and strong way the company and Italjet trademark, in Italy and around the World.

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Creating products of style and strong personality. This, as we move towards the third millennium within a strongly competitive fast-evolving market, is the philosophy of a company born almost 60 years ago, which has today reached its third generation.

Anticipating technology. Anticipating the future.

A strong vocation for design by itself would not have been enough to produce sporty scooters, characterized by performance and advanced technology, which have become international phenomena like the *Formula and the Formula Williams, born in close co-operation with the prestigious British Team.

*Four time winner of the Scooter of the Year Award: in Germany, Spain and twice in Italy.

Product Marketing. Brand Policy.

Within the Castel Guelfo plant, just a few kilometres from Bologna, the Italjet Marketing Department, heart and engine of the research and development activity, plans and carries out significant novelties in the vast international landscape of motorized two wheels. A recent history of creativity and innovation linked to a past rich of anecdotes and successes. Always on the border between design and technology: a combination of an unique eclecticism and discipline, which brought, in time, one of the most creative models in the history of ITALJET to become part, since 1980, of the design collection f the Museum of Modern Art of New York. The scooter model Formula 50 L.C. was recently chosen for the temporary exhibition “THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE” organised by the Guggenheim Museum of New York.

Creating development. Innovating the ordinary.

Ideas, having ideas, winning over entrepreneurial fatigue and technology that the new must face because of its previous non-existence; this is all habitual in the “historical” Italjet center in Castel Guelfo (Bologna), which now operates like a real Engineering Center.
From the project to the prototype: every scooter that comes out of the Italjet factory reaches a level of excellent qualitative and technological standards, presenting each time unique parts and characteristics.

Production flexibility. Product technology

Through great investment in R&D, Italjet is aiming for a “total quality” strategy, and to the maximum originality of construction, a commitment for all employees which are individually motivated. Constant new technical and stylist solutions to satisfy and stimulate latent wishes of the modern customer, always careful on the design and on the emotional significance of owning something, even a scooter.

A long story rich in passion, challenges and successes.

The Founder

Italjet would probably never have been founded if, Leopoldo Tartarini, its founder, had not been a rider. In fact, motorbikes have always represented the common thread of his life with passion, ingenuity and work.

Awards and recognitions

Since 1959 Italjet has created more than 150 different innovative models. Motorcycles designed with an inspiration that has remained unchanged until today

A great and unique passion in giving continuity to its philosophy that has always set Italjet apart in Italy and in the world.

The summary of this philosophy is simple: to innovate, to anticipate tastes and fashions, to always be at the forefront, one step ahead of the others.

“It’s a way of thinking that comes from agony, where you have to be determined to achieve your goals, always second guessing your opponents”, explains the founder Leopoldo Tartarini.

It is this determination, combined with the enthusiasm and infinite passion for everything about motorcycles and engines that has been transmitted to his children, not just through the chromosomes but making it breathe day after day and cultivating it with the example and memory of the great sporting accomplishments.

To name but a few: the victory in the 1953 Milano-Taranto race, the 1957-58 world tour (five continents, 42 countries in 13 months), the three world records with the Cyclecar in Monza in 1969.

On 14 February 1980 the recognition arrived that could, on its own, make a career:

The design sector of the NEW YORK MUSEUM of MODERN, the prestigious MOMA, informs Leopoldo Tartarini of the decision to exhibit Pack 2 in the permanent collection. It is the only two-wheeled motor vehicle housed in the museum.

In 1998, when the Guggenheim museum in New York decides to select some motorcycles and scooters, it assigns the only prize to the only scooter that will then be exhibited: the Formula 50, liquid-cooled and already named scooter of the year four times, twice in Italy and once each in Germany and in Spain.

In 2000, it was the turn of the Velocifero, the scooter that perfectly combines the vintage style of the 60’s with modern technology.

See the models of the past

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