The birth of an icon

An icon made in italy

First version of Dragster born in 1995, in the heart of Italian Motor Valley, moved by the determination to create a sport scooter as never seen before.

Unconventional inspiration

Original design by Leopoldo Tartarini is unique and unblushing, using exciting technological solutions unconventional and never seen before on a scooter.

Innovation from the future

Dragster reveals its exuberant and avant-garde character right away.

Exciting are the iconic steel trellis and the Independent Steering System, with the single arm that separates the steering action from the shock absorbing one.

Passion and legend

Year after year, from 1998 to 2003, Dragster conquers an entire generation of enthusiasts, selling more than 70,000 units worldwide.

Dragster r-evolution

In 2019 the new version of Dragster is officially presented, a concentrate of technology and power with an aggressive and electrifying design. It is immediately a huge success and the First Edition, the limited series to celebrate its iconic return, is sold out in a very short time.

The New
Urban Superbike

Performance, innovation and the desire to be unconventional.
The Italian icon on two wheels is back even more aggressive and rebellious.